About us

About us

'Gordi' is a Spanish term of affection and means 'chubby.'

So we chose this name because of our connection with Mallorca.
We live in Berlin with our chubby dog,thus it became 'GORDI Berlin'.

When our Labrador puppy Bruno moved in we were looking for matching accessories for him , but with no success. This spurred us on to make our own products for dogs.

We try our best to make unique products with the emphasis on value, quality, functionality and design.

It is very important to us that we make products at  appropriate and moderate prices which give dog lovers the opportunity to express their own style and flair.

Our range is broadening almost daily. Currently we are working to perfect our website and we have many ideas for new products which we will offer in the near future.

We are always ready to consider new commissions and are very happy for you to contact us with your individual ideas.

We look forward to hearing from you.